Summer Reading Program

  1. BEanstack registration!
  2. Programs, prizes and more!

Welcome to the Will Rogers Library Summer Reading Program!

June 1st - July 31st, 2020

This year we’re excited to announce our new Beanstack site for participating in the Summer Reading Program online!* Beanstack is a free interactive online service you will use to track your reading, register for fun challenges, unlock reward badges, and help you win prizes! 

Start by registering here for Beanstack!

With Beanstack, you will:

  • Choose Your Program: After registering, Beanstack will automatically direct you to the appropriate activities based on your age.  There are three age groups: Little Learners, Kids, and Teens.  
  • Keep a Reading Log: Enter how long you read, plus the title of the books read, to log time toward your prize badges.
  • Complete Reading & Activity Challenges: Challenges are fun ideas created by the Library! 
  • Earn Badges, Incentives, and Prizes: Earn digital badges and achievements as well as physical prizes for completing the Summer Reading Program! 
  • Manage a Family Member’s Reading Log & Achievements: Register as a Family and easily switch views between member profiles without having to change log-ins!

Have your Library Card ready and choose how you would like to register (as an individual, or as a family) and then complete all required fields (marked with *) in the online form. If you do not yet have a Library Card, call or visit us to sign up today! 

Note: An email address is required, if you do not have an email address you will need to create one first then come back to register for Beanstack. 

Once registered, you can access your account online or in the app by signing in with your username and password. Beanstack will walk you through the rest!


Get the App

You can also download the Beanstack app for IOS or Android, Find the free app in your Apple or Google Play store under the name “Beanstack Tracker" and select "Get" or "Install." Download and open the app, then follow the simple step-by-step instructions to create an account for yourself, your child, or your family. (If you’ve already created your account through the website, you can skip this step and just sign in to your existing account with your registered username and password.)

Be sure to have a valid email address and your Library Card ready before starting the registration process!

Since the app does not use our direct website link, the first prompt in creating your account is selecting "Find Your School or Library" and entering "Will Rogers Library Claremore" in the search option. Otherwise the process is the same as registering on the website. 

If you need help, just give us a call!

Thank you for being part of our Summer Reading Community!

*If you don’t have ready Internet access, don’t worry! Just give us a call. We will sign you up!

**Due to the limitations of COVID-19, we’ve made some changes to the overall program. This year, reading will be counted by the number of minutes you read, rather than the number of books. There is no requirement for visiting the library. The books you read can be library books, digital books (not audio - we want you to read!), or your own books. 

We will also be streaming the Wednesday performers this year, each week throughout the summer.