Sign Violations

Any sign in the public right of way or attached to public utility poles or infrastructure are in violation of Claremore City Ordinance. Any temporary signs (i.e. temporary banners, ground signs, advertising signs etc.) are also illegal with the following exceptions:
  • Permitted signs advertising events are allowed for 30 days prior to the event, but must be removed 24 hours after the conclusion of the event. Contact Development Services at 918-341-2066 to obtain a permit.
  • Political and religious signs shall be allowed on private property only.
For more information, contact the Code Enforcement Office at 918-341-2066 or refer to the City of Claremore’s Sign Ordinance.
Signs In Violation
  • Small temporary signs shall be removed by the Code Officer and taken to the Planning & Development Department. Advertising signs shall be placed in the dumpster. Business signs and political signs shall be stacked in a pile. Each business or candidate shall be allowed to retrieve their signs one time. After that, signs will be thrown away.
  • If the illegal sign is too large to pick up, or it is a banner affixed to posts in the ground, the Code Officer shall make contact with the business or individual and have them remove the sign.
  • Businesses or individuals unwilling to come into compliance will be issued a $200 citation for each day that the violation continues.