Fire Department

About the DepartmentThe Claremore Fire Department has been proudly serving the citizens of our community for over 100 years. Beginning in 1907, with a horse-drawn pumper and a handful of dedicated volunteers, the Fire Department has evolved into a full-time professional organization with state-of-the-art equipment and the expertise to handle the wide variety of emergencies that may be faced in the modern world.

Claremore Fire Department’s excellent service, equipment, training hours, and station locations, along with the City’s water distribution, have allowed many benefits for our citizens, businesses and travelers just passing through. The Department averages a 4 minute and 25 second response time within the city limits and has an Insurance Services Organization (ISO) rating of 2. That’s the best in Rogers County and one of the best in Eastern Oklahoma.


The Claremore Fire Department currently has 47 full-time employees. There are 42 personnel assigned to one of 3 shifts of 14 personnel to provide continuous emergency service to the community. Shift personnel work a rotation of 24 hours on-duty and 48 hours off-duty with a minimum daily staffing of 10 personnel to accommodate leave. The Claremore Fire Department serves as an emergency medical response agency providing non-transport emergency medical services. The majority of the Claremore's firefighters are certified as Registered Emergency Medical Technicians, with the remainder being certified as State First Responders, National Registered Intermediates and Paramedics.

The department’s administrative staff consists of the Fire Chief, Deputy Chief, Fire Marshal, Training Officer and Executive Assistant. The department works with a budget of approximately $5 million.
- (918)341-1477
  • Sean Douglas, Fire Chief and Emergency Management Director
  • Matt Wilson, Deputy Chief
  • Jason Crandall, Fire Marshal
  • Jason Philpot, Training Officer
  • Loren Smoke, Executive Assistant

The administrative offices are located at 1325 N. Sioux.  Mail for the department is only accepted at the following address:

    104 S. Muskogee Ave                                                P.O. Box 249
    Claremore, OK    74017                                             Claremore, OK    74019

Facilities & Equipment

Claremore’s firefighters operate from 3 stations located throughout the City. Station 1 is attached to City Hall, and was built in 1964 at the site of Claremore’s original fire station. Station 1 was remodeled in 1993 and houses a fire engine, the Region 2 CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosive) Unit, the command vehicle, and a wild land/brush Unit. Built in 1970, Station 2 is located on Claremore’s west side and is home to a fire engine, a medium rescue, and a wild land/brush unit. Station 3 opened in 1986 near the industrial area of Claremore. Station 3 and the adjacent storage building house 2 fire engines, a 2000-gallon water tanker, and the department’s only aerial apparatus.

Claremore is home to one of only 6 Homeland Security Regional Response Units for the State of Oklahoma.

Updated 9/4/18