About the Library

The Will Rogers Library serves residents of the City of Claremore, Oklahoma, as well as all residents of Rogers County, Oklahoma. The airy, contemporary structure at 1515 North Florence houses a collection of over 50,000 items, and library patrons have access to an additional 40,000+ titles on E-books, E-Magazines and other exclusive online resources.  

Early History

Claremore's first library dates back to the early 1900's, when books were checked out from a local dental office. In 1914, the Claremore Federation of Women's Clubs solicited contributions from the public to enhance library services in the community. 600 volumes were placed in a room at the Court House, and a librarian was hired for an annual salary of $225.

First Building

During the 1930s, plans were developed to build a municipal library building. The funds which enabled the construction of a library were obtained from the sale of land donated to the city by one of its most beloved citizens, humorist Will Rogers. After Will Rogers' death in 1935, it was decided to honor his memory by naming the municipal library after him. The structure on Weenonah Avenue was dedicated in 1936 as Will Rogers Library. From that building, citizens of Claremore had access to library services for over 50 years.


The current building, dedicated in 1994, retains the name Will Rogers Library. Citizens of Claremore and Rogers County have access to a vast selection of E-resources, 24/7 wireless Internet access, thousands of print, audio, and DVD selections, as well as a variety of ongoing children's and adult programs. 

Like all public libraries throughout our nation, Will Rogers Library serves as a cornerstone of democratic principles by providing free public access to information and entertainment options. We encourage you to visit our library and make use of all we have to offer.