Rape Aggression Defense Systems

About the Program

This women-only training is a comprehensive program taught in a relaxed environment that teaches proven techniques, tactics, awareness, risk-reduction, avoidance and unique insights about the problem of violence against women. Training includes hands-on and simulated scenarios that will teach each participant, using simple and effective tactics, the necessary skills to defend themselves and techniques on how to escape from an attacker. If you are interested in attending or sponsoring a class please call 918-341-1212 or email Officer Vicki Hershberger. 


The Claremore Police Department has 5 self-defense instructors trained to instruct Rape Aggression Defense Systems.
  • Officer Vicki Hershberger 
  • Officer Kendal Bradshaw
  • Officer Cassie Grettner
  • Officer Ricky Propst
  • Investigator Greg Stone