For the purpose of maintaining the highest standard for maintenance of the Cemetery and to better serve the entire public, please observe the following policies:
  • All articles and flowers must be removed from the face of the grave by February 1 to allow staff to spray the grass for weed control and begin mowing; articles remaining on the face of the grave or placed after
  • Articles and flowers may be placed on the face of the grave after the last mowing, please check with the Cemetery Office in October for that date
  • Benches are not permitted in the Cemetery except as headstones
  • February 1 shall be removed and discarded by Cemetery Staff
  • Flags, crosses, and shepherd hooks with hanging baskets are allowed all year, but they must be placed against the headstone on the grave (east) side with hanging baskets directly over the stone
  • Flowers in vases and articles placed directly on the stone are allowed all year; if you have questions, please check with the Cemetery Office at 918-341-7530 before placing the items
  • For safety purposes, glass containers, sand, and small gravel are prohibited
  • On May 20, articles and flowers may be placed on the face of the grave for Memorial Day and must be removed by the Sunday after Memorial Day weekend in May to allow staff to continue mowing and performing regular maintenance
Memorial Day Flags
Each year, the American Legion furnishes approximately 1,000 flags and crosses for veterans for Memorial Day.

Please contact the American Legion at 1411 North Highway 88 or by calling 918-341-1330 for details.