Brush Pick-Up

A full service brush pick-up is available for a fee to those customers who wish to have their yard waste and storm debris picked up at their homes. Brush pick-ups will be scheduled for the first or third Friday's of the month, depending on when the request is made.

In order to schedule a brush pick-up, you please call the Utility Office at 918-341-0456 before 12 p.m. on the business day prior to the next pick-up day. Weather or other unforeseen issues may require an adjustment to the pick-up day, if this is the case brush will be picked up as soon as possible. 

Lumber is not excepted. Brush must be cut into lengths no longer than 4 - 6 feet. The brush pile must be out at the curbside on the street your front door is facing. There will be no pickup in alleys. If there is garbage or other debris mixed with the brush, it will not be picked up. 


The charge for brush pickup is $50 for each 30 minutes of work with a minimum charge of $50 and a maximum charge of $150. If your brush pile is too large to be hauled off in 1.5 hours, the Department will issue an estimate and allow you to decide whether or not to have it chipped based on the amount of the estimate before they proceed. These charges will be added to your next month’s utility bill.