Claremore News

We are Claremore, Oklahoma.

Named for a towering & enlightened Chief, Claremore holds stories of the Osage, the Cherokee and the Cowboy alike. We have tales of the mighty railroad, the relaxation of the radium baths, and the romance of America’s Greatest Road, Route 66.

But it becomes clear that we have more to share. 

Our storytellers like Will Rogers and Lynn Riggs shared our humor with the world, and made everyone fall in love with Oklahoma, our home.

And we are still telling the world about Claremore, from our global manufacturing to our cutting edge innovation being fostered on the campus of Rogers State University.

We are a community of Museums, from the Will Rogers Museum adorning the hill, to the turrets of Belvidere Mansion, from the stories of the Claremore Museum of History to the amazing collection at the JM Davis Arms Museum.

But it will become clear that we have more for you to explore. 

From the Claremore Expo Center to the Robson Performing Arts Center, culture thrives here.

From our lake to our parks to our bike trail paths, Claremore gives you more time to enjoy your home. We celebrate our historic downtown full of warm offerings and old-fashioned finds.

From unique boutiques to rare antiques, from delicious diners to tasty tea rooms, Claremore truly has a vibrant heart.

But it’s clear we have more for you to enjoy. 

We are home to unique events & exciting athletics. We are a place that still knows what communities are, where we treat neighbors like family, and visitors like neighbors.

We invite you to discover the place we call home.

We are Claremore.

We are on the right track and we’re not sitting still.

We are moving forward, working together, and doing more to craft a bright future for our community.

We are Claremore, Oklahoma: Clearly More