General Guidelines

The youth sports programs of Claremore are designed for children to have fun and enjoy the game as well as give them and our community a good, clean, healthy and fun activity in which to participate.


The league administrators and coaches volunteer their time for these programs. Each program is operated by independent league administrators which handle most of the administrative duties and coaches who work more with the youth. League administrators and coaches begin their volunteer jobs, often after a full work day and without taking time for an evening meal or opportunity to see their families. These are the volunteers who keep the programs running for your children.

Each program provides opportunities for coaches to improve their coaching skills and to promote consistency; however, we understand they are all unique in some way. If you disagree with their teachings or coaching styles, please be understanding of this and consider volunteering in the future.

We strive to provide an environment that promotes responsibility, good sportsmanship, teamwork, dedication, honesty and loyalty. With that comes responsibility for the adults to be good role models for their children.

Get Involved

All of our youth sports programs are in need of volunteers to be coaches or league administrators. We hope that you will consider becoming a volunteer. For more information, please contact Ron Paris, City of Claremore Youth Sports Coordinator at 918-342-2522.