Assessment Letter Requests for City of Claremore

You can now purchase Special Assessment letters online using a credit card. 


$21.00 per letter
$5.00 rush fee if you need turnaround within 1 business day

To complete your order for a special assessment letter online click here.

Special Assessment Letters 

As of February 01, 2018 we will have new pricing and guidelines, so I would like to take the time to share our City policy for requests and payments. The process is as follows: 

Price per Special Assessment request- $20.00 dollars. Turnaround Time- 2 business day from date stamped received. 

In the past we have not offered RUSH SERVICE, however, we understand unforeseen circumstances where a rush may be necessary so we will now have an additional $5.00 fee you can add to the original fee if you would like a rush service. The turnaround time will be 1 business from the date stamped received. 

WE DO NOT accept request through fax, as payment cannot be tendered through fax. We will not be responding to a request by fax. While we strive to get you your request back within two business days, please do not call inquiring on your request unless it has been longer than two business days. Please allow plenty of time for your request to be received in the mail, processed and returned to you in relation to your closing date. They will be processed in the order they are received. Credit cards will not be kept on file and are not accepted by phone. We appreciate your business and to avoid any misunderstandings we ask that you share this with all of your associates so everyone is on the same page. In closing, if you need to know if a property is in the City limits you can now go to our website at and search the 2017 City Limits Map to determine whether it’s in the limits or not. 

If you have questions you may call the City Clerk's Office at (918) 341-132 ext. 142