Some helpful information and tips from the Claremore Power and Light Department
  • Are the AMI meters putting off an abundant amount of radiation?
  • Smart meters do not produce any negative health impacts. They emit a low level of radio frequency energy that is both FCC-approved and lower than the level of RF energy emitted by many other devices that are used daily by millions of people. At most, smart meters transmit radio frequency energy for only a few minutes each day, and that energy is reduced further by surrounding materials. Smart meters are a very important step to improving the delivery of electricity for consumers. They will give you more insight into your energy usage and more control over your energy expenditures. Most importantly, smart meters will help create a more efficient, more reliable, and more sustainable electricity world for generations to come.

  • Comparison of RF Power Density in the Environment     

  • FM Radio or TV broadcast station signal                                         0.005

    SmartMeter tm  device at 10 feet                                                        0.1

    Cyber café (Wi-Fi)                                                                                 10-20

    Laptop computer                                                                                  10-20

    Cell phone held up to head                                                                 30-10,000

    Microwave oven, two inches from door                                            5,000

                      There is no demonstrated long term impact of low level non-ionizing energy on humans.

  • Can my Utility company eliminate power blinks?
  • They can lessen them but to eliminate them all together cannot be done. This is because blinks come from a number of different sources. Some of these sources are storms, animals, automobile accidents, electrical equipment failure, even the wiring and or breakers at your house can be causing blinks. If your house or addition is being fed by underground wire you are still connected to the main feeder line which is most usually overhead. If the fault current reaches a certain intensity it will cause the breaker to shut off and the relay will automatically bring it back on line if it sees the fault has been cleared. Thus restoring power to the majority of the people on that feeder.

  • What causes a power surge?
  • Power surges, (sometimes called voltage surges) are fast, temporary spikes in voltage within an electrical circuit. These surges, which are unavoidable, occur when something boosts the electrical charge at some point in the circuit. This boost can increase the current flowing into or within your home’s electrical wiring, affecting lighting, appliances and other electrical equipment in your home or business. Power surges are caused by many different factors, including lightning, faulty or damaged electric wiring or the sudden turning on and off of a high power electrical device like an air conditioner or large electric motor.