If You Are Planning to Send Your Child to the Library after School, 

Please Read This First!

Dear Parent,

The Will Rogers Library is often considered as an option for parents seeking an after-school location for children. The library continues to welcome students interested in using their after-school hours to study, use the computers, or take respectful advantage of the library’s many resources.  

However, due to problem behaviors during after-school hours such as theft, vandalism, and student violence, students are no longer allowed to simply ‘hang out’ inside the Library, in the library parking lot, or on the Library grounds.

While we absolutely want and encourage all students to use the Library for the purposes it was intended, the library is not equipped to be a substitute for after-school supervision. Library General Conduct policies include rules for behavior, expulsion if the rules are not observed, and $97 fines for loitering on library grounds which are enforced. 

If your child is not interested in using the library in accordance with these policies, please make other arrangements for them after school.  The nearby Claremore Community Center is an excellent option for active children needing an alternative to the quiet library environment. Pre-registration and other restrictions may apply.

The Will Rogers Library always welcomes students who are interested in using the library and who abide by the General Conduct policies. We encourage parents to be familiar with these policies in advance and review them with your children prior to the start of the semester should questions arise. A copy of these policies is available from the Library, and may be found on the Library website.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us to maintain a community library where persons of all ages may count on the value of quality library services offered in a pleasant, productive environment. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.