Plan Claremore 

The Claremore 2040 Comprehensive Plan was created to focus on the City’s physical and economic growth and development.  Following a 15-month planning and citizen involvement process, a plan was adopted in June 2019 to focus on four distinct geographies: West Bend | University District, Will Rogers Corridor District, Downtown District, and Historic Route 66 District. The Special Districts Plan includes an assessment and customized action plans. 


  • Last year, thanks to your invaluable contributions of time and input Claremore developed and adopted a comprehensive community vision. The momentum continues as we move into the implementation phase. We are excited to start bringing your vision to life! Visit the website and learn more about the next stop on our journey.  #PlanClaremore
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Claremore 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Claremore 2040: Special Districts Plan

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Claremore 2040 Comp Plan - Future City

Existing City Report

Special Districts Plan

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Comp Plan: Future City

Future City

Comp Plan: Existing City

Existing City