Dog Park

Park Hours are Daylight to Dusk, unless closed for Maintenance.

Dog Park Rulessign

 - Use dog park at your own risk

 - Dogs are required to be current on rabies vaccination

 - Limit 3 dogs per person

 - Owners must carry leash and remain present with dog at all times

 - No treats or food inside dog park


-Dogs that are sick, injured, in-heat, showing dangerous behavior, and digging. 

Full Ordinance for Dog Parks: 92.40 Dog Parks on Public Property

(A)  A “Dog Park” is an area within a City of Claremore park designated by the Parks Department for the purpose of allowing dogs to roam without leashes.

(B) An “Owner” means any person, who owns, possesses, harbors, or has permanent or temporary care or custody of a dog.

(C) Use of dog park shall be the sole risk of the owner of the dog. By use of the park, the owner of the dog accepts all responsibility and liability.

(D) The owner is responsible for the following:

1. inspecting and insuring the park facilities, including fencing, grounds, waters, will be adequate for their dog(s) abilities to not able to escape and in safe condition.

2. remaining present inside the appropriate area of the dog park that their dog is present in.

 3. Immediate removal and proper disposal of excrement

 4. has control within reason of their dog to prevent injury or provocation

(E) No persons under 16 years of age shall be permitted to bring a dog in to the off leash area.  Persons under 16 years of age must be supervised by an adult to use the dog park.  Youth must behave in a responsible manner: no running, chasing dogs, or petting dogs without the owner’s permission.  No children under 5 years of age will be allowed in the off-leash area.

(F) Limit of 3 dogs per responsible party.

(G) The owner must escort their dog to and from the dog park on a leash and may not remove the leash until within the dog park fence.  Inside the dog park, the owner must carry their leash with them at all times.

(H) The dog must wear a collar bearing its current and valid rabies tag whenever utilizing the dog park. Specialty collars such as choke, prong, pinch, shock, or spike collars must be removed inside dog park.

(I) No dog weighing more than 35 pounds shall be permitted within the area designated for small dogs.  Owners allowing their small dogs to enter a designated large Dog area do so at their own risk and assume responsibility for whatever damage or injury that may result.

(J) The following is prohibited inside the dog park:

 1. smoking, or vaping of any kind, whether tobacco, marijuana, or any other substance.

 2. treats or food (human or canine), soft drinks

 3. Possession of or under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

4. Fighting, profanity, actions or words intended to threaten or harass another person.

 5. glass containers

 6. bicycles, rollerblades, roller-skates, skateboards, strollers.

 (wheelchairs or physical assistance devises are permitted)

7. toys, remote control toys or devices (if the dog park is empty or minimal occupants, fetch type activity may be allowed with permission of other owners present)

8. Destruction or misuse of public property

(K) Any dog within any of the following will be asked to be removed and may or may not be allowed to return at discretion of Claremore Animal Control and/or Parks Department.

 1. under 4 months of age

 2. injured or showing signs of illness

 3. any females “in heat”

4. any dangerous, potentially dangerous dog(s) or at first sign of any dangerous behavior.

 5. dogs that are digging

(L) Owner or person(s) may be asked to leave under the following circumstances at which time the owner will also be removing their dog from the park. Failure to do so may result in prosecution for violation of the trespass laws of the city.

 1. creating a disturbance or not properly controlling their dog

2. any person having been convicted of allowing a dog to bite, chase, or attack and person or animal without provocation

 3. leaving dog(s) unattended

4. Failure to cooperate with and obey the instruction of any official exercising control over a public park facility.

5. Failure to abide by rules and regulations of a user group exercising control over a public park facility.

6. Violation of any municipal, state or federal law or ordinance while on the premises of a public park facility.

For Complete set of dog park ordinances, please see City Ordinance 92.40