What new businesses are coming to Claremore?
Business recruiting is handled by CIEDA. Often developers must remain secretive as business deals are being closed and the planning staff may remain unaware or be asked not to publicize potential projects. If you have specific questions about a location we are able to address those with the information we have in our public records. For more information, visit CIEDA's website.

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1. Do I live in the city limits or in the county?
2. What if I have a Planning and Zoning related question, but live outside the City limits?
3. Why can't I do something now that my neighbor did three years ago?
4. Does the Planning and Zoning division plan what Claremore will look like?
5. What new businesses are coming to Claremore?
6. What type of work requires a permit?
7. How much are your license and permit fees?
8. Why do we have to do things in Claremore that are not required in Tulsa, Owasso and other parts of Rogers County?