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Mobile Vendor License

  1. A current and valid copy of your Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit must be provided.
  2. If you are going to be setting up on a regular basis on a property in the City provide the address of where you will be located.
  3. If you provided an address above for Fixed Outdoor Location you also must provide a lease agreement or signed statement from the property owner allowing you to be on the premises.
  4. Only applies to food vendors. Not submitting your current license will delay your permit issuance.
  5. *Only required for first time applicants. 

  6. *Only required for first time applicants. 

  7. Name
    Application Fee *Required for 1st time applicants
  8. Price
  9. Name
    Annual License
  10. Price
  11. Name
    Convenience Fee
  12. Price
  13. Quantity
  14. Agreement to the Terms and Conditions*

    By submitting and signing this form, you agree to abide by all mobile vendor rules listed out in Ordinance 2016-28. 

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